SuperSubs Super Soups

SuperSubs Super Soups

SuperSubs has 7 super homemade soups to choose from, Hearty Vegetable, Carrot & Coriander, Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper, Cream of Tomato, Butternut Squash, Cream of Cauliflower and Sweet Potato & Coconut.

Each nourishing soup is loaded with vitamins and minerals and immune boosters like garlic and ginger. These soups are a top choice for healthy eating on the go, any time of the day.

Top Nutritionist Sinéad Bradbury has given us a breakdown on the nutritious benefits of each of our soups.

Follow the link below to learn the nutritious benefits our soups have to offer.

New de-lights Range

On the search for a satisfying hearty and filling sub? Then look no further than SuperSubs. We have 3 new de-lightful subs, loaded with taste but using the thinnest based bread to house all the goodness. The bread used is unique to SuperSubs Food4Life range and has been developed exclusively for Supersubs in County Wicklow. It is high fibre and the generous sprinkling of four different types of seeds adds further nutrition in the form of omega 3 content, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium and protein. A really great crunch!

Choose a between our satisfying filling, Cajun flared Louisiana Chicken, Caribbean inspired Jamaican Chicken & Veggie Brie-Light that’s sure to delight. Each regular sized de-lights sub is under 300 calories.

These de-lights might be light on calories, but this range is heavy on taste. Made to order, with the finest mouth-watering ingredients, there is something for everyone.

If that’s not enough to tempt you, you can also add a nourishing Hearty Vegetable soup to your meal and make it a lunch to remember, all under 350 calories.

Try one of our new de-lights subs in your nearest SuperSubs. 19 locations nationwide.

SuperSubs New Festive Addition

The Christmas festive spirit is in the air and Christmas dinner is only a thought away but at SuperSubs, it may be closer than you think! SuperSubs has introduced the Christmas Cracker and this seasonal sensation can only be described as Christmas dinner in a delicious artisan bread sub.


In keeping with our favourite time of year, the Christmas Cracker is filled with the traditional turkey and bacon along with brie, red onion, fresh rocket and creamy mayo. The delicious sub is topped off with an amazing Mulled Christmas Relish made by our friends at The Scullery in Nenagh and is served in a toasted fresh Sub of your choice!


SuperSubs is available at selected Supermac’s stores nationwide and offer subs, salads, wraps and soups, made using only the freshest ingredients. At SuperSubs. each sub, wrap and salad on the menu has been carefully considered to give you a healthy and satisfying option for your mealtime.


Make sure to check out the Christmas Cracker at your nearest SuperSubs outlet before it’s too late!



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Annmarie Power – SuperSubs Ironman World Championship Competitor



Could you embark on a 140.6m journey that consists of a 2.4m swim, a 112m cycle and a 26.2 run, without a break? Doubt anyone here at SuperSubs could, but we are proud to be sponsoring one Irish woman that is about to take on this challenge.

Donegal native Annmarie Power is participating in this year’s Ironman World Championship on Saturday. Known for its gruelling length and harsh race conditions, the triathlon has been held annually in Hawaii since 1978. Annmarie knows what lies ahead of her on the day though, with many sporting achievements under her belt. Taking part in a triathlon is extremely time consuming and takes a great deal of self- discipline and willpower. “Time commitment is definitely a challenge for any aspiring triathlete,” Annmarie said “and, as a Mom and a career woman, you have to be very efficient with your time and manage it very effectively, so for me it’s quality as opposed to quantity.” She describes managing all 3 as a “balancing act”.

On the subject of ‘balance’, one of the key thing’s athletes in such a competitive sport can do to help ensure a speedy injury recovery is have a well-balanced nutritious diet. SuperSubs teamed up with Sports Nutritionist, Sinéad Bradbury, to create some key products under its Food4Life banner. She is a big fan of the soup in particular. “I do get a bit overexcited about a great tasting nourishing and warming soup! One that is made with care and attention,” Sinead said. For athletes a key macro nutrient is carbohydrates. In order to maximise and optimise performance and recovery, athletes need to continually load and reload muscle glycogen stores. This process cannot happen with a low-carbohydrate/high-protein diet, there needs to be a high level of both. Annmarie said “I would have a high protein intake, I do take a lot of carbs on board” the triathlete added. “I need carbs to fuel my training and the protein helps me recover and helps my body to repair muscles after training sessions”. Each SuperSubs wrap and sandwich contains protein, carbohydrates and fibre to ensure you are fuelling your day correctly which is vital for serious athletes like Annmarie.

How does someone with such a busy day-to-day life as Annmarie stay motivated and not let things get in the way of her success? “Just try and reach your potential, not to focus too much on the failures, just keep going and enjoy the sport that you’re in and enjoy your life and try to be the best that you can be.”

Best of luck on Saturday Annmarie!

5 Tips For A Healthy Run Galway Bay ’18

We are delighted to be proud sponsors of Run Galway Bay, Ocotober 6th 2018.

Our team will be serving delicious, wholesome and warm soup to participants post-run.

Run Galway director, Ray O Connor, has kindly offered the following tips to help runners & walkers arrive at the starting line fresh, eager and ready to take on the course 😊

Make sure to say hello to us on what is guaranteed to be a soup-erb day 😊

Happy Racing to all involved! Let your training do the talking!!


5 Tips To Prepare for The Big Day:



  1. Fuel: At this stage, it is best not to do anything out of the ordinary. Don’t eat anything that is unfamiliar. On Friday try to get extra carbohydrates in, pasta or pizza seem to be the most popular choices. Treat yourself and eat an extra dinner mid-day. And on race morning try to eat 2 hours before your race time, no sooner. Hydrate: Drink more water than you usually do on Friday and don’t make the mistake of leaving it too late to hydrate. Often we see people drinking a lot of water just before the start of the race. Really this isn’t necessary if you have hydrated enough the day before. There is plenty of water on course so just take small amounts often during your run.



2. Dress: The weather is very unpredictable in Salthill. It can be windy and this time of year it is never too hot so check out the forecasts from Thursday for an accurate picture. Don’t overdress though as you will heat up quickly during your run.



3. Pace: Get a finish time that you’ll be happy with into your head now and stick to that pace. It’s very easy to get carried away with the atmosphere and the speed of others around you – don’t fall into the trap of going out too fast. The course is as flat as you are likely to find so an even pace is likely, so long as the wind stays away.



5. Enjoy: Run Galway Bay is a big city event that brings an amazing atmosphere to Galway for the entire weekend. Don’t get caught up with fretting about last minute things, instead just go with the flow and let the event bring you to that lovely place we all enjoy – in the middle of your perfect race, relaxed and with a smile on your face.


Soup-erb Day At Run Galway Bay ’18

The SuperSubs team was delighted to attend and support Run Galway Bay this weekend, Ocotober 6th 2018.

A marquee event in the Irish racing calendar starting at Nimmo’s Pier, Claddagh with over 4’000 entrants taking on the scenic course along the stunning shore of Galway Bay.


SuperSubs was stationed in the post-race marquee meeting overjoyed runners after successfully completing their race. We were lucky to cater to three events on the day including 10k, half marathon and full marathon distance.

Our crew were on the ready welcoming successful participants with delicious, wholesome & freshly prepared soup 😁



We like to think our soup was ‘warmly’ received by race goers enjoying the post-race high 😁



We had a fantastic day meeting everyone.  Thank you to those who had kind words and interest in the Vegetable soup from our Food4Life range. Our Facebook page SuperSubs has a listing of our locations  for those wishing to check for their nearest store 😁



SuperSubs is available in 19 selected Supermac’s stores nationwide. Our artisan subs, salads & soups are freshly prepared and made from Irish ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle.


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