5 Tips For A Healthy Run Galway Bay ’18

5 Tips For A Healthy Run Galway Bay ’18

We are delighted to be proud sponsors of Run Galway Bay, Ocotober 6th 2018.

Our team will be serving delicious, wholesome and warm soup to participants post-run.

Run Galway director, Ray O Connor, has kindly offered the following tips to help runners and walkers arrive at the starting line fresh, healthy and ready to take on the course.

Make sure to say hello to us on what is guaranteed to be a soup-erb day.

Happy Running to all involved!!


5 Tips To Prepare for The Big Day:

Fuel: At this stage, it is best not to do anything out of the ordinary. Don’t eat anything that is unfamiliar. On Friday try to get extra carbohydrates in, pasta or pizza seem to be the most popular choices. Treat yourself and eat an extra dinner mid-day. And on race morning try to eat 2 hours before your race time, no sooner. Hydrate: Drink more water than you usually do on Friday and don’t make the mistake of leaving it too late to hydrate. Often we see people drinking a lot of water just before the start of the race. Really this isn’t necessary if you have hydrated enough the day before. There is plenty of water on course so just take small amounts often during your run.


Dress: The weather is very unpredictable in Salthill. It can be windy and this time of year it is never too hot so check out the forecasts from Thursday for an accurate picture. Don’t overdress though as you will heat up quickly during your run.


Pace: Get a finish time that you’ll be happy with into your head now and stick to that pace. It’s very easy to get carried away with the atmosphere and the speed of others around you – don’t fall into the trap of going out too fast. The course is as flat as you are likely to find so an even pace is likely, so long as the wind stays away.


Enjoy: Run Galway Bay is a big city event that brings an amazing atmosphere to Galway for the entire weekend. Don’t get caught up with fretting about last minute things, instead just go with the flow and let the event bring you to that lovely place we all enjoy – in the middle of your perfect race, relaxed and with a smile on your face.

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