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SuperSubs was born to bring tasty, wholesome, quick and filling food options the people of Ireland.

Once upon a time, if you wanted to grab a sub your options were kind of limited. We felt that the options weren’t the best quality, and certainly not as wholesome as they could be. Now some people were probably okay with those options, and that’s fine. But we wanted an alternative for those who wanted something better. Thus…SuperSubs was born!

So what makes SuperSubs Super?
Super Ingredients. We’ve invested so much time into making sure you’re getting fresh and tasty Irish ingredients in all our products. We bring together quality ingredients from around the country so you get the very best taste of Ireland.

Super Recipes. There’s no point having amazing ingredients if you don’t know how to make them work together! We’ve worked with foodies, nutritionists and artisan bakers to make sure we’ve got our recipes perfected.

Super Service. We don’t want to be a faceless corporation. We promise a warm Irish welcome every time you step into one of our restaurants.

Super-Irish. We’re an Irish company, with Irish values, and we buy local ingredients which supports other Irish businesses.


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