The new Brie LT sub – The choice of Galway

The new Brie LT sub – The choice of Galway

The Galway Advertiser published a fantastic piece about our delicious new Brie LT. Check out the full article below…

It’s a great place to watch the world go by. A great place to see the fabric of our society in all its glory. You have people from the city and people from the country. People that play rugby and people that play GAA. People that read the Irish Times and people that read the Irish Star. There is nowhere that reflects Irish society better than a Supermac’s food court. With the selection of Supermac’s, Papa John’s and SuperSubs the variety of food offerings means that for a people watcher like myself it is manna from heaven!

It’s to the latter choice that I would like to turn my attention today. SuperSubs has been doing some really interesting things lately. Whether it’s the Food for Life range in collaboration with sports nutritionist, Sinead Bradbury, or the fresh soup range that comes from Galway’s most famous fruit and veg man, Johnny Curley, Supersubs has been pushing the boundaries of what one can expect from a food court these days. Artisan breads, tasty spices from Spice O’ Life in Dunmanway in Co. Cork and delicious chutney from Florrie Purcell in The Scullery in Nenagh. These are the ingredients to a fresh, healthy and creative approach to Food on the Go. So I decided to give the new SuperSubs creation, the Brie LT a go.

Everyone loves a BLT right? So, can it be improved? You bet your artisan bread it can. On one of their “How do we make things better?” days the crew at SuperSubs decided that to put the Brie into the BLT. After trying various ingredients, they discovered that brie works good with bacon but they weren’t there yet. They added a bit of red onion, rocket leaves, mayo, some sweet vine tomatoes and were almost there. A quick phone call to Florrie at the Scullery in Nenagh where she makes the most amazing homemade roasted red pepper relish. Close, but what kind of bread would they put this bundle of taste into? It had to be the fantastic new light chia seeded sub. A sandwich with something in it for everybody. One of the 1st things that struck me about this sandwich was the name. A clever play on the existing BLT of Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. While I was doing my sandwich-devouring and people-watching I noticed two worldly gentlemen debating the aforementioned Brie LT. Now these lads knew their sandwiches. But they were stumped by the name. “So, it’s a BLT with Brie,” says one. “No, it’s a Brie LT like the picture says,” his erstwhile companion replied. “But if it’s a BLT with Brie,” the 1st lad piped up, “then surely it should be called a Brie BLT. Or a BBLT!” By this stage his companion had already sat down and was tucking into his Brie LT. And loving it! As was I.

The Brie LT is available in SuperSubs at selected Supermac’s throughout the country

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